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102" ARS300 V3
  • 102" ARS300 V3

    SKU: 2510702-34

    Wingspan: 102inch /2590mm
    Lenqth: 103.3inch /2625mm
    Wing Area: 1730.7sq in / 112.5 dm²

    Weight: 27.5 lbs/12.5kg 



    Packaging Size/ Weight:




    1.Advanced construction for today's demanding pilots.

    2.PATENTED quick assembly canopy, wings and elevatorsystems EXCLUSIVE to Skywing.

    3.Fast assembly time with pre-hinged and pre-sealedailerons and elevators.

    4.Pre-installed engine cooling drainage baffle.

    5.Factory assembled detailed canopy interior.

    6.Incredible value NOW WITH MATCHING SPINNER, fueltank, fuel line, fuel and vent dot, wing and stab bags, as well as preinstalledhigh quality extensions.

    7. cowl prefabricated cooling baffle


    Test device

    Motor: GP123

    Servos:Elevator, Aileron( CLI380 - 6pieces) Rudder(CLI520) Throttle(CLI130)


    Power supply:2S-3300mAh - 2x

    ServoArms: Elevator - 1.75" Ailerons - 1.5" Rudder -1,75" 

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