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48"Extra NG - PNP version
  • 48"Extra NG - PNP version

    SKU: 2511548-01

    Just follow the simple steps above, and you can fly easily!
    The entire power configuration has been carefully selected! Powerful power output!


    Wingspan: 48inch /1219mm
    Lenqth: 49.5inch /1260mm
    Wing Area: 508.4sq in / 32.8 dm²
    Weight: 3.1 lbs / 1.4-1.5kg


    Packaging Size:



    Product Information
    1. The default output voltage of the ESC is 7.4V

    2. The ESC and motor factory have been set to the best state for you, no need to do any programming, you only need to perform quick throttle calibration!

    3. The power connector has been soldered XT60

    4. Professional assembly team from the factory! The most reasonable installation method!

    5. Adopt Tianyi patent quick assembly wing design and easy servo connection


    Used equipment: 

    Motor:SkyWing/Dualsky 3548-KV535
    Servos: SkyWing SW030HV 4 pcs

    Propeller:  SkyWing/13x6.5Wood-Painted - 1pcs + Sunnysky 13x7Plastic material - 1pcs
    Spinner: 55mm


    This product does not contain batteries. This product is recommended to use 6S 1800-mAh battery!


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