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48´PP Angel F3A - PNP
  • 48´PP Angel F3A - PNP

    SKU: 2511448-02


    Wingspan:  48 in/1219mm 
    Lenqth: 1259mm
    Wing Area: 29.2dm²
    Weight:  987g  (Without battery)


    Packaging Size/ Weight:



    Product Information:

    SkyWing PNP model

    1. Install the elevator
    2. Install Rudder
    3, Install the receiver
    4. Install the battery
    5. Install the landing gear


    Only a few simple steps above can easily realize flying!
    The entire power configuration has been carefully selected! Long-lasting flight-tested!

    Strong power output is its characteristic! No need to do any esc debugging!
    By the factory professional assembly team! The most reasonable installation mode! It can be said that this is a high-quality PNP model!


    Used equipment: 

    Motor:SkyWing&SunnySky X2820-KV860
    ESC:SkyWing 52A-7.4v/5a
    Servos: SkyWing015HV - 4 pcs

    Propeller:  12x6.5
    Spinner: 45mm


    This product does not contain batteries. This product is recommended to use 6S 4500-5200mAh battery!


    The model is made of foam and laminate combined with some carbon fiber material. This is a completely handmade model, not a molded product! Its advantage is that it is very, very light! easy installation! Maybe you can put it together in just a few hours! The most important point! When you encounter some small collisions when flying with this material, it can be quickly repaired by you! It is a very economical exercise product! Definitely a good helper for getting started!


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