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67" Laser260
  • 67" Laser260

    SKU: 2510261-04

    Wingspan: 67inch /1701mm
    Lenqth: 67.3inch /1710mm
    Wing Area: 880.4 sq in / 56.8 dm²
    Weight: 8.05 lbs / 3,65kg


    Packaging Size:


    1) Advanced construction for today's demanding pilots
    2)Factory assembled detailed canopy interior
    3)Pre-baffled cowling for maximum motor cooling
    4)Fast assembly time with pre-hinged and pre-sealed ailerons and elevators
    5)preinstalled high quality extensions.
    6)Incredible value with carbon fiber wing tube, landing gear and tailwheel assembly.
    7)Wing bag and electric spinner - INCLUDED
    8)Skywing's PATENTED rapid assembly wing design!

    9)Match skywing's latest development orange connection device! Quick connect wings and elevator servo connections are possible!



    Recomended equipment: 

    Motor:T-motor AM 680 3D
    ESC:T-motor AM116A
    Servos: KST DS589MG V8

    Propeller:  T-motor 18*10
    Batteries: 6S/4500mah
    Spinner: 63mm
    Servo Arms: Elevator  1.25" ,  Aileron  1.5"  , Rudder 1.5"


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