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82" Falcon
  • 82" Falcon

    SKU: 2510882-01

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    First Jet Model Airplane from Skywing with SkyWing's signature desing. 



    White - Red - Black


    Box contains:

    1x Airplane kit -  colour depence on your choice 

    1x Retracts - Electric (landing gears)

    2x Tank (fuel, smoke)

    1x Jet Pipe

    1x Vector

    1x Stand (for mounting the plane)

    1x Set of covers for each part


    Plane contains:

    - all the connectors inside (3x yellow XT60E, 1x black XT60E - Batteries)

    - Orange connectors for wings instaled (15sets)

    cables inside

    instaled tanks 

    instaled vents

    instaled quick fix system ( wings, elevator, canopy)

    instaled landing gears

    instaled Jet pipe with vector

    - instaled all surface horns

    - all pushrods inside

    instaled holders


    Technical data of the kit:

    Wingspan: 80inch /2030mm
    Lenqth: 82inch /2090mm
    Weight: 10 - 16 Kg RTF


    Servo arms size:
    - flaps 2pcs 1.25"-M3
    - ailerons 2pcs 1.0"-M3
    - elevators 2pcs 1.0"-M3
    - rudder 1pcs 1.25"-M3
    - vector 2pcs 1.5"-M3
    - front wheel steering 1pcs 1.0"-M3


    Packaging Size:

    Wings - 100x37x67cm 10,9kg

    Fuselage - 151x36x40cm 10,2kg

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