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Force15 Combo
  • Force15 Combo

    SKU: 2523038-00

    This is a power combination specially designed for the 38PP model.

    In terms of configuration selection, we have carefully screened and conducted long-term flight durability tests, and finally approved this power combination scheme! In the selection of ESC, we also pay attention to lightness!

    So we made special detail optimization! We also made a special design and special size requirements for the ESC output line and the Motor output line. During the installation process, you only need to connect according to the color of the line to realize the forward direction of the motor!

    The overall installation effect is more concise and atmospheric! The matching transparent heat shrink tube in the box is used to wrap the ESC output line and the Motor output line connection! The design details are in place! This is definitely a set of power options that saves time and worry for every customer!

    This power combination is only suitable for 3S power battery power supply! Not suitable for 4S or above battery power supply! Battery recommended (3S 1000-1300mah)


    Set include:

    1. ESC/skywing 38A  5v/3a=1pc(Already soldered XT60 plug)

    2. Motor/dualsky XM2838EA-10 kv1250=1pc

    3. Props/Plastic material 10x4.7=2pcs


    Recommended for SkyWing  38"PP  kit. 


    Packing size: 

    36x13x6cm 450g


      Exclusive of VAT

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