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KST A12-610 V8.0
  • KST A12-610 V8.0

    SKU: 2320002-20
    Technical data:

    Torque[kg/ cm]@7,4V: 8,0
    Torque[kg/cm]@8,4V: 9,0

    Speed [s/60°]@4,8V: 0,13
    Speed [s/60°]@6,0V: 0,12
    Speed[s/ 60°]@7,4V: 0,11
    Speed [s/60°]@8,4V: 0,10

    wide [mm]: 12,0
    length [mm]: 23,0
    height [mm]: 27,0
    weight [g]: 20,0

    Gearbox type: metal
    Bearing type: 2BB
    Gear tooth: 25T-5

    Servo type: Mini

    Brand: KST
    Softstart: programable

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