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Laser260 PP 38´KST Action set
  • Laser260 PP 38´KST Action set

    Set contains:

    1x Airplane kit of Laser260 PP 38´-  colour depence on your choice 

    4x Servos KST DS215MG V8.0


    PRODUCT DATA of the Kit:

    Wingspan:  38 in/965mm 
    Lenqth: 1020mm
    Wing Area: 22.18dm²
    Weight: 552g  (Without battery)


    Packaging Size/ Weight:



    Test equipment:

    Motor: Dualsky XM2838EA-KV1250
    ESC: Skywing 38A 5v/3a
    Servos: KST DS215MG V8.0 4x
    Propeller: 10*4.7
    Spinner: 45mm 


    The model is made of foam and laminate combined with some carbon fiber material. This is a completely handmade model, not a molded product! Its advantage is that it is very, very light! easy installation! Maybe you can put it together in just a few hours! The most important point! When you encounter some small collisions when flying with this material, it can be quickly repaired by you! It is a very economical exercise product! Definitely a good helper for getting started!


    Technical data of the servos:

    Torque[kg/cm]@6,0V: 3,1

    Torque[kg/cm]@7,4V : 3,7

    Speed [s/60°]@6,0 V: 0,06
    Speed [s/60°] @7,4V: 0,05

    wide [mm]: 12,0
    length [mm]: 23,0
    height [mm]: 27,5
    weight[g]: 20,0

    Gearbox type: Metal
    Bearing type: 2BB

    Gear tooth: 25T-5

    Servo type: Micro

    Brand: KST


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