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    SKU: 2030801-05

    TMotor AM670 Combo, featuring high-quality motors and a reliable electronic speed controller for unparalleled performance and efficiency.

    Whether you're into freestyle flying, racing, or aerial photography, this combo is designed to deliver the power and control you need to take on any challenge. With its advanced technology and durable construction, the TMotor AM670 Combo is the perfect choice for serious RC aircraft enthusiasts looking to push their skills to the next level. Get yours today and unleash the full potential of your plane!


    AM670 520kv 

    Cruising Power: 983W

    Highest Power: 2773W

    ESC: 120A - 116A in the package

    Recommended Propeller: 18x8 / 18x10

    Recommended Airplane: 67´- 70´


    Combo include:
    1x AM670 engine with all accessories

    1x AM116A ESC

    1x Propeller

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